Polisci Reflection Paper

Topics: Government, Political corruption, Political philosophy Pages: 6 (2213 words) Published: July 23, 2013
Eldrick Dan L. YuJune 27, 2013

In my political compass I was positioned at the left near the center which is in the same position as Nelson Mandela. This means that I am the type of person that if I were to run for office, I would be a type of officer who would fight against racial discrimination, citizens equality, and the inequality between the rich and the poor. Just like Nelson Mandela himself who was the first black South African to hold the office, and the first elected in a fully representative, multiracial election.

Nowadays our current social economic and political system in the Philippines is not my ideal type of government. The ideal type of government that I would envision is a place where there would be equality between all types of citizens, namely: the rich, the poor, the people with different races, the government and etc.

From my point of view, the poor in the country are being easily manipulated by the corrupt government officials. These corrupt government officials are the type of people who falsely show the people that with the use of their money (which they have earned through corrupt ways during their terms in the government) they could help the people with different kinds of projects and operations that would help the people in their daily life endeavours. But it would just be an excuse to get a longer term and earn even more money through the same corrupt practices. While those candidates that have potential to change the country are not being favoured due to the fact that he does not have as much money as the other candidate they are voting for

What I’ve noticed is that most of the people only care about the money and it is not only because these kinds of people have no jobs or places to work but it is also because of the corruption within the government officers that would lead to poverty. And the money was supposed to be used for public hospitals and school and others, but instead, these officers just stuff them into their pockets. There are multiple reasons why these government officials do this, and one of them is greed. Some people become obsessed in possessing money as if making themselves richer is more important than the welfare of the people and preventing poverty. Another reason for government officials to do this is to fulfil their own dreams like going abroad and buying their dream house or anything the like.

Due to our government being corrupt, it is the cause of many problems that we face today like crime which is rampant here in Manila. You can hear about hold-ups and robberies and murders almost everywhere and the similar reasons for these kinds of crimes are mostly because the criminals needed the money. The cause of these criminals for needing money is because they are affected by the poverty which is an effects from the government officials who do nothing but fill their pockets with the government’s money.

Nowadays there are a lot of social economic and political problems in the Philippines. The social economic and political problems in the Philippines are social injustice which is the unfairness in the society, armed conflict which is more commonly known as a civil war, extra judicial killings which means the killing of a person by government authorities without a legal process, the state of prison which is very bad in the Philippines causing jails to become overcrowded, indigenous peoples rights which are being violated all over the Philippines and rapid urbanization which includes congestion, shortage of housing and inadequate basic services.

Due to social injustice, many people are having many struggles like searching for jobs, when less credible people who knows the owner of the business or establishment are given more priority than people who are more credible than they are. Another example of social injustice is racial discrimination where people of a certain race are being seen as criminals or people with bad intentions and are...
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