Reflection on Sona

Topics: Poverty, United States, Reality Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: April 17, 2013
I have heard pretty much more or less about 10 State of the Nation Addresses by many presidents. They all have told pretty much the same common and general thing, that they being the president of the country for this year have done so much to help the Philippines. With investments coming in, roads and buildings constructed, health, education and insurance growths. Believe me when I say I have heard it all. Pnoy’s SONA is pretty much the same things I have heard other presidents say. They boast numerous and countless achievements in their term but still I have never yet to hear a truthful lay down of the Philippines in pretty much every SONA.

For once in my lifetime I really want a president to say where and what the Philippines is at. A person can already know what the President saying is false by taking a look around you. For my experience, I still see majority of the population below the poverty line. I see 10 to 15 year old infrastructure begging the people to improve it. I still see no changes being made. So to say that Pnoy’s SONA is nothing new is a fact and not a mere opinion.

What I really would like to hear is a truthful SONA. Something more negative rather than positive. Something that would really describe where the Philippines is at. I know it when I see something fishy and I know it when something is true. Hey, just take a look around you, and you will know 100% if the president is lying or not.

The real problem is politics. It is a dirty business. People want to win elections, be the best, and of course want to show their best. Politics is a world so deranged that what all politicians do nowadays, is give free food for everyone in the barangay and they instantly win. Has winning come down to such levels that people really do not care anymore? It is true, that people want to rise from the ranks of poverty, but they should not rely on any politician. They should not rely on the things they hear our president Pnoy say, but in reality, they...
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