Polaroid Strategy

Topics: Time, Camera, Brand Pages: 3 (689 words) Published: February 13, 2011
3. Company Strategic Focus
For quite some time, Polaroid’s company focus was instant cameras. They were a hit, as many could see their pictures immediately. Further, the catchy song lyrics “Shake it like a Polaroid Picture” helped spread the brand name to multiple populations. As digital cameras became popular over time, Polaroid lost concentration on their main selling point: instant photography. However, Polaroid believes that this new decade is the time to recreate their instant cameras with a revised mission and fresh set of values and visions. Current Mission

“To put the latest cutting edge technology in the people’s hands and give them the power to use it comfortably, affordably…and in an instant.” Polaroid’s mission has always revolved around customer convenience and ease of technology. Their forte, instant film, remains a legacy in the company. By associating their products with reasonable prices, comfort, and mainly dynamically continuous innovations, Polaroid has been ingrained as a top brand in the eyes of their customers, especially amateurs. However, in lieu of current market trends, it is now time for Polaroid to revise this mission to include the following aspects and values: * Experience: More than just a product, the new Polaroid cameras will serve as an experience to its customers. Through instant gratification and social networking movements, the company opens up to allow the redefined PIC-1000 model to include multiple features. * Compatibility: Polaroid’s new plan emphasizes consistency with their old models. The new PIC-1000 will be compatible with traditional film. * Retro-Futurism: The company attempts to step back in time and bring back an old, vintage styled camera with a modern twist. * Enthusiasts: Polaroid is expanding their target market to more than just the amateur. They plan to spice things up with Creative Director, Lady Gaga, and attract to the passion-driven enthusiasts in the art and fashion communities who...
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