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How did you find the creativity exercises? And the brainstorming for ideas for the party?
Did your group have a good idea for the party? Did the group interact in a different way in the creative sessions?

In my opinion,the creativity exercises was exciting and helped me think in a total different way.Although I couldn’t answer all questions,I was still happy with it.We brainstormed about the variable costs.It was hard to classify 2 kinds of cost.We gave out some activities for the party to get potential profit.All members of group did creative sessions individually,so the group didn’t interact in different way in these sessions.

Week 4 pod 2

How did you find the critical thinking exercises?Are you used to this way of thinking or is this something to work on?
How did your group do on the financial exercise? How did you do? If this is a strong area for you,were you able to help others I yours group? If you are weak in this area how are you going to work on it?

The critical thinking exercises were the same as the creativity exercises,made me see things in more possitive side.I have never thought in this way before but from now on ,I will use it as a good way to solve problems.
I didn’t really understand the financial so I couldn’t do much.It isn’t my strong area,however,if I could do something to help others in my group I will be willing to.I will do this exercise again to remember and understand more deeply.And I hope next time,the result will be much better than this

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