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In a world open to new ideas change is inevitable; this is illustrated in the film Pleasantville by Gary Ross. Ross’ intention in the scene where Bud is questioned at the soda shop is to show us that change is bound to happen. We begin to see this when the soft, jazz music enters this scene; which is used to enhance the curiosity feel that is shown within the eyes of all the teenagers who are watching Bud enter the store, this is reflected by the technique of quick shot sequence, panning and tilting around the shop; these camera shots really emphasises the beginning of thirst for knowledge tacking place in Pleasantville. Though, they crave for more information, they will never be satisfied; “what’s outside of Pleasantville?” they ask, Gary Ross asks this to show that Bud is now held with a great responsibility and that ‘Freedom does come with a price’, when he tells them don’t worry it brings a different reaction and this all part of human nature, when they ask again everything stops and the drum rolls enter the scene to show that an important message is to be told, this is when Bud explains the outside world; he is now beginning to like the attention and is no longer concerned that he is changing their whole universe. Bud has now transformed their minds and has opened it to new worlds; Ross shows this new transformation through the library scene, Jazz music comes in again and this time it starts to pick up the pace, which confirms that the teen’s world has become livelier and the new found knowledge from books lets their ideas and imaginations run free; The camera shot is panning, showing us that many people in Pleasantville are up for change. Although, those people want change, others are content within the world they know; this scene displays this statement by using juxtaposition between colourful crowds at the library, to the gray-scaled shots of the men at the barber shop. The teens at the library are reading and learning while the men are sitting idle...
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