Playstation 3 Campaign Audit

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Playstation 3 “It only does everything”.
A Campaign Audit

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The reason behind this campaign audit was to further our knowledge and skills needed in the area of advertising and promotion. In particular we are focusing on the “It only does everything” campaign run by Sony, to promote the release of their new model Playstation 3. The research draws attention to the overall effectiveness of the campaign. It brings into context the position that the product was in at the time the new campaign was introduced. The research highlights the communication objectives and media strategies undertaken by Sony to promote the Playstation 3 in the desired way. This includes what methods and tools were used, which methods were focused on most and how the organization came up with the rationale for the split between communication tools. It also discusses the budgets set for the campaign and also how the finances were split between tasks. This all comes together in order to analyze exactly how effective the campaign was. Sony is one of the most well recognized organizations across the globe and amongst other products is extremely well known for their gaming products, known to us as Playstation. This audit is based on prior research done by our group members after being assigned the task by the unit coordinator. Most of our research has come in the form of articles, and promotional videos, as well as general word of mouth. This audit will serve as a basis to our understanding of the processes made up of conducting such tasks. It is one of many steps we will undertake in furthering our knowledge in the area of advertising and promotion.

We have chosen to analyze the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) ‘It only does everything’ campaign. The console market is extraordinarily competitive; companies must produce advertising campaigns that stand above the rest, and to do this they poor billions of dollars into the marketing departments. With sales declining and the Microsoft Xbox 360 looking like it would be the clear victor in the current generation of console wars, Sony launched the ‘it only does everything’ campaign. This campaign is vastly different from the previous more abstract campaigns Sony has used in the past. The campaign was launched on the 27th of August 2009 and since then Sony has recorded a 184% increase in sales and intention to purchase has increased from 19% to 36%. It should be noted that the campaign was launched at the same time as a significant price drop for the PS3. We chose the PS3 ‘it only does everything’ campaign because of the success it has had for the product. After years of trying Sony has created an ad campaign which appeals to the masses of America.

The American market is by far the largest gaming consoles market. With roughly 70% of Americans playing videogames it is no wonder that it is such a competitive market (Whitney, 2009). The PS3s main competitors are the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. In the months leading up to launch of the new advertising campaign the PS3 was selling on average half as many consoles as the Xbox 360 (NPD sales figures) [see appendix A]. The global financial crisis also had an impact on the console market, with the US game market seeing a 29% drop in revenue in July 2009 (Nutt, 2009). An opportunity that Sony saw was the development of the high-definition (HD) movie market. Being the main driving force behind the blu-ray format (they were the key developers) and having the cheapest blu-ray player one the market (the PS3 itself) Sony is in a position where they could potentially make the largest profit from this new HD format....

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