Plant Adaptation

Topics: Opuntia, Leaf, Precipitation Pages: 3 (555 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Plants have adaptations to help them survive in harsh environments; Some live in a forests where plants have to find a way to get the sunlight they require, some live in an aquatic environments where there is an abundance of water, and some live in desert environments where it is dry and very hot. These plants have different adaptations such as leaf size, leaf surface, stem size, and their stress level. In this lab, we will be discussing plants from 3 different regions; forest, aquatic, and desert, and describe some of their adaptations that allows them to live and prosper. Evenezer Tekie

Name: Dusty Miller Senecio cineraria
Environment: It is mainly found in coastal plains and beach dunes. Stress: Hot Son, sprayed with salt water consistently and need for water. Adaptation: Dusty Miller survives the heat by mainly reflecting by its white hairs. The white hairs also enables for good insulation. The woolly leaves also protect firm salt spray. [pic]

Name: Eastern Prickly Pear Opuntia humifusa
Environment: It is mainly found in sandy hilly areas, rocky areas, sandy savannahs and sandy slopes. Stress: Hot Son, lack of water and extreme heat.
Adaptation: The Eastern Prickly pear is really thick and succulent. The leaves have adapted to be needle so they don’t die from the extreme light and heat. [pic]
Name: Starfish Plant Cryptanthus bivittatus
Environment: Mainly found on rocks on dry forest region, mainly Eastern Brazil. Stress: Hot son and Humidity.
Adaptation: The plant is waxy and succulent but has really good drainage because it adapted to the moist environment it’s always in. [pic]
Name: Norfolk Island Pine Araucaria hetrophylla
Environment: Cold, moist, it requires a lot of sun for quite some time. Stress: The extreme cold weather.
Adaptation: Its needle structure stores water and uses it slowly and is dormant half the time. [pic]

Name: Cycad Cycas cycadaceae
Environment: Mainly Grows in tropical and...
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