planning to meet the needs of learning

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At my place of work – Include, we do not have ILP’s, this is because we run a twenty week, roll on roll off programme and we wouldn’t have the time. We do however set goals, at the start and during monthly reviews, using simplified paperwork.. Our sister company that teach pre- sixteen’s do, and I have looked at these documents to reflect on anything that would be transferable to my teaching and offer improvements.

The role of initial and diagnostic assessments is key for producing individual learning goals. It is essential to find out exactly where the student wants to go, why they are wanting qualifications, eg .for a particular course at college, and what is realistic bearing in mind their diagnostic assessments. Initially all students are tested using BKSB to find the level they are and what they might achieve with help and teaching from the Functional skills tutor. We carry out Initial Assessments, (A) and Foundation Learning agreements (B) which note career progression aims, some objectives, qualifications to be taken, while with us as well as other documentation gathering personal details, health, education and drug and alcohol misuse. Our Initial assessment covers previous learning experiences, learning styles, personal and social skills, health and personal circumstances as well as the support we can provide to help the student reach his goals. We also carry out a monthly review, one of the most important ways we can check how the student is performing, his progress, whether he is on track and more importantly whether he feels he’s learning, achieving his goals, and whether he feels supported in his learning. This review time, is also a time when the...

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