Planning and Enabling Learning/ Dtlls Unit 1

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Planning and Enabling Learning
This assignment will be looking at four key areas in the planning and enabling learning unit. It will define the different sections of the module from negotiating with the Learner, inclusive learning, functional skills and concluding with communication. It will show that through research, I have been able to demonstrate that I have an understanding of how planning and enabling learning relates to the practical and theoretical side of teaching. How I am able to cater for the individual needs and to continually improve the educational development of the learners, through a positive scheme of work and transparent lesson plans.

Negotiating with learnersInitial assessment is the key to finding out what the learners are capable of, what level are they working at and is the course suitable for them. So the assessment should look at existing skills, against the skills which will be required to complete the course, therefore it is aiming to get the best match between your learners and their learning. As a teacher I must have a clear idea of what the learners can and cannot achieve. Negotiating a realistic set of targets is about aiming for them to achieve their goals, so if they are on the right course and with the appropriate amount of support, then they should obtain their desired results. “If you don’t know where you are going you will probably end up somewhere else” (Laurence.J.Peter 1969) (quotegarden Dec 2011) Negotiation is giving structure, establishing basic rules and expectations between, tutor, learner and institute; it is an on-going program, which you should revisit throughout the course. A good quote from: Teaching Today (“Catch them before they fall” G. Petty 2006)

So then you come to another question, where does it start and end, exactly what is open for negotiation; these rules seem to differ from one source to the next. So in my opinion you could start with: ground rules, course content, course process, learning &...
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