Placement Skills Development Report

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Placement Skills Development Report

As a student undertaking in an industrial placement, there are a number of competencies and skills one must quickly learn in order to adapt to the business environment. This report will attempt to outline some important skills needed in the role of a Sales & Business Development Executive for company HotelStayUK and this student’s development in the key areas.


“Fast and accurate communication is required to make a company more efficient. This means that the people who send messages should have effective communication skills. However, it also means that the people receiving the messages should be able to interpret them correctly.”Marsha Beslic M.S.. (2012).

There are many areas that need to be considered when discussing communication and the aforementioned job role, these include the following:

Oral communication: needed on a continual basis and very soon into the placement year, I quickly learned how important the ability to speak eloquently with collogues, clients and customers can be. Within my first week on the job, I was expected to make sales calls and open new business relationships with prospects, whilst also offer a service to existing clients over the phone. It was through speaking with colleagues and asking advice that gave me the knowledge needed to assist these clients, staff informed me of all the key clients and what they expected from us as a company as well as provided me help in other aspects as and when it was required. Oral communication in the working environment needs to be kept professional, polite and succinct in order for the receiver of the message to easily understand what is being said and also so as not to cause offence. I have been exposed to many examples of both good and poor communication practiced throughout the placement year. An example of this involves another student interning for another department in the company titled “The Hotel Team”. (Student will be named Mrs X for the purpose of this explanation.) “The Hotel Team” performs a Business-to-Business service as a hotel booking and travel agent, servicing two major clients. The aforementioned member of staff continuously expressed herself in an aggressive and irate manor when conversing with clients, hotels, staff etc… as a result of this behavior (Mrs X’s choice of oral communication), one of the two major clients “Rexel” threatened to terminate their contract with “The Hotel Team” due to staff upset. Mrs X was soon removed from her department and demoted to a role requiring limited oral communication with external respondents; this proves a disadvantage of expressing speech in an incorrect manor. Over the course of my industrial placement I have had the opportunity of attending various face-to-face meetings with hotel managers as well as 3rd party consultants. These meetings often required me to perform presentations and propose ideas to clients in the hope of generating new business opportunities for the company. Communication tools such as speech, body language and visual aids all helped with the conveying of proposals to prospects, and many successful partnerships have been achieved through face-to-face meetings. A particular meeting that comes to mind involves a luxury corporate hotel group based in central London named Grange Hotels. This particular group boasts 14 four to five star properties in the UK’s capital city and in December 2011 I was invited to visit their Group Revenue Manager to propose a partnership. This was the first meeting I was required to attend alone, and although nervous, the use of all communication skills enabled me to persuade the GRM to trial three Hotels on HotelStayUK’s new discount hotel website. The trial has now flourished into an on-going partnership and successful business relationship for both parties.

Despite having limited experience working in a professional environment, I found it relatively easily to adjust in the...

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