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The Ecuadorian market is one of the lest markets explored for the multinational enterprise because as we know recently the taxes were growing up and that isn`t for the entrepreneurs interesting to invest the resources in this country. Because they have to invest a lot of money and to recuperate the invest it could be take a lot of time and as we know while invest money taking more time to recuperate it that means a lot of risk and that the last that an entrepreneurs need it. But in our project we are working whit nestle as we know nestle is a multinational company that the central matrix is ubicated in Vevey, Switzerland is the largest food company in the world measured by revenues. Nestlé's products include baby food, bottled water, breakfast cereals, coffee, confectionery, dairy products, ice cream, pet foods and snacks. Nestlé has around 450 factories, operates in 86 countries, and employs around 328,000 people. Nestle came to Ecuador since 1955 and every years their products have a great acceptance and today we can say that is one of the best companies in the country. We are doing our project using this brand but whit the specific product is called Ricas cookies we want to introduce a new variety of these cookies called Ricas. We want to add a dressing to the cookies like the manjar, cream cheese, jam. We expect that this project could help us to take the best decision about which dressing we have to take to put into the cookies and expect the best acceptance from the customers.

Hypothesis of the research
We want to create a new variety of Ricas to satisfy the demand of the customer here in Ecuador. This means that we have a potential market to sell our products.

The problem statement
This will helps us to determine the costumers preferences and purchase intentions for the proposed of new variety of Ricas.

Description of the problem
We don’t know if our product will be the acceptance of the costumers so that’s why the entrepreneurs want to have a marketing research to know the level of acceptance of our product to take the best decision about if we have to bring to the market this specific new variety of the cookies Ricas. And also we have to know the price, which flavor have the best acceptance and the image to the new product.

Statement of research objectives

Primary objectives

* Entering the market a new way of eating RICAS cookies waiting for consumer acceptance. * We are going to develop a new variety of RICAS cookies with fruit jam (strawberry, peach, pine, apple, and mulberry), cream cheese and also delicacy (manjar).

Secondary objectives

* The target of our product will be the children and the young people up to twenty years. * We want to work with Nestle Company.

Description of the company
Nestlé is...

...the world's leading nutrition, health and Wellness Company. "Good Food, Good Life" is the promise we commit to everyday, everywhere – to enhance lives, throughout life, with good food and beverages.

We believe that leadership is about behavior, and we recognize that trust is earned over a long period of time by consistently delivering on our promises. Nestlé believes that it is only possible to create long-term sustainable value for our shareholders if our behavior, strategies and operations also create value for the communities where we operate, for our business partners and of course, for our consumers. We call this 'creating shared value'. 

The Nestlé Corporate Business Principles are at the basis of our company’s culture, developed over 140 years, which reflects the ideas of fairness, honesty and long-term thinking. Nestlé can trace its origins back to 1866, when the first European condensed milk factory was opened in Cham, Switzerland, by the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company. One year later, Henri Nestlé, a trained...
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