Pine Valley Furniture

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* a. What data will the Customer Profile Form need to collect? Using the guidelines presented in the chapter, design the Customer Profile Form. The students should use a simple GUI development tool to develop the Customer Profile Form for PVF. The challenging part of this question is how the students will interpret terms like demographic or customer category. For demographic information to prepare the Products by Demographics Summary, the Customer Profile Form should gather such information as birth year (people may be less hesitant to provide this than their full birth date), ethnicity, household income range (in 5 to 7 broad categories), marital status, family size, education level, and perhaps vocation. Your students may omit some of these or add others that they have experienced on similar forms. Information such as zip code or region could be determined by the system based upon the billing or shipping address provided for the sale. The categorization of customers for Mr. Hwang could be accomplished by these demographic items or by categorization of repeat purchases. When designing the form, it would also be important for students to consider the navigational option of skipping this form and continuing to the completion of their sale. * b. Using the guidelines presented in the chapter, design the Products by Demographics Summary Report. When designing the Products by Demographics Summary Report, students should use tables 8-3 through 8-6 as checklists to assure they have developed a usable product for Gracie Breshers. Students will find the greatest challenge in formatting the columns and rows of this report with all of the logic breaks specified by Miss Breshers. They should probably use the categories of information specified in the case for sort sequencing: first by furniture category; within each category sort by sales region, within each region sort by age group, an for each age group within each region for each category of furniture report sales...
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