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Academic – NSC requirements need to be met and should be strengthened to meet the criteria for basic qualifications. College Acceptance – Skills need to be met and even though academic requirements are met, there are many obscurity factors that affect the outcome of your acceptance which includes competition and many others. Financial – Tuition and fees are expensive and funds are not easily met, even if academic and entrance requirements are met they would be insignificant. However, there are financial institutions that are available to provide for those who are unable to meet these needs. Job Availability – Once all requirements are met, it’s time to enter the real world where jobs are scarce and are not easily given to anyone. You have to hone your skills so that they meet employees’ expectations and qualify for the job available. SKILLS & ABILITIES

Computer Skills – Ability to use common programmes and adapt to technological environment. Communication Skills – Confidence in verbal communication, and to be mutually friendly. Leadership Skills – Accomplishing an aim through guiding others. Problem Solving Ability – Ability to solve any concern quickly. Team Work Ability – Ability to work alongside anyone to achieve a mutual goal. Advanced:

Superior hand-eye coordination
Pass an FAA medical exam

NSC(Minimal entrance/pass requirements) :
EnglishCode 6
Second LanguageCode 5
MathematicsCode 6
GeographyCode 6
Physical Sciences (Optional)Code 5

College entrance/Private schooling
4-Year college degree - Virtually every flying job requires an associate degree and almost every airline pilot job requires a bachelor's degree. It's preferable to get a Bachelor's of Science degree with an emphasis in aviation.

Preliminary requirements involving Private Pilot Certificate Attend a good flight school where flight instructor should begin working on your Private Pilot Certificate. The FAA...
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