Picasso Essay

Topics: Psychology, Perception, Personal life Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: April 24, 2015
“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Picasso

I believe this statement to be completely true, and those who do not clearly misinterpret the true definition of art. Every individual has something that brings them comfort, whether that be painting, exercising, writing, or performing. These can all be considered acts of art, and by partaking in such activities you are truly purging yourself from the dust of everyday life.

I don’t paint, draw, write, or involve myself in anything that could be considered traditional art. There are however many seemingly insignificant things I do throughout the day that help maintain a positive state of mind. Actions that I do for myself to benefit only myself, personal art in a sense. I believe it is truly important to set time personal time aside in order to express yourself to yourself, thus maintaining the positive state of mind that is crucial to a productive lifestyle. If Macbeth had a burning passion for knitting instead of murder, our grade 11’s would likely be studying a much more uplifting novel.

Although everyone has a unique perception of art, true art plays a crucial role of each of our everyday lives. In fact many of us complete numerous works of art in a single day. Things that we may not perceive as traditional art but instead things that we feel an intense passion for and as a result partaking in these acts clear your mind, calm your emotions, and make you feel at ease. Take a look at our school community; we have athletes, artists, writers, musicians, and more all doing what they love, passions that wash away the dust of our everyday lives and give them the strength to persevere through the dullness of secondary school education. That is art in its truest form.
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