Piano -Dh Lawrence

Topics: Poetry, Childhood, Poetic form Pages: 1 (250 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Literal meaning: Listening to a woman singing, the speaker returns to the warmth and comfort of childhoods days at home with his mother by the piano. Thematic: He misses his childhood yet doesn't want to think of the memory because he feels less manly.

The poem's childhood memories --> cozy comfy mood
The poem is three stanzas long, having four lines in each stanza creating uniformity.

TONE - The poem is three stanzas long, each stanza symbolizing a different emotion towards the memory the speaker is feeling. In the first stanza 1st and 3rd---> look at paper

DUSK The poem takes place at dusk, which is a time between day and night. This reminds the reader and emphasizes how the speaker is between two worlds: his childhood and his adulthood. BOOM is an onomonpeia

tinkling is an onomonopeia
weeps is repeated
"the heart of me weeps" personifcation showing that the speaker might not belong where he is now, and that only in his memory he can belong. contradicting softly and boom of the tingling strings. --> jerked back into the memory Description of his mother

Down the flood of remembrance
simile "i weep like a child for the past" -> speaker is feeling mournful to go back to when he was a child. shows how man and child

The rhyme couplets of the poem gives off a sense of musicality to the reader. There is enjambment within the poem, which gives the reader a sense of musical continuity
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