Physiology Lab 3 Activity 2

Topics: Heart rate, Exercise, Autonomic nervous system Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: October 16, 2014

1) Make a graph of resting heart rates from Activity 1. Provide a physiological explanation for fluctuations in resting heart rate over time. Discuss a couple of extrinsic factors that influence the autonomic nervous regulation of resting heart rate. The resting heart rate fluctuates over time because it is under control of the autonomic nervous system and the fluctuations are a result of the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems trying to balance each other out. There are many reasons on why the resting heart rate can fluctuate over time. Factors can include things like the temperature of the room we were in, or what we ate/ drank for breakfast. Also volume of liquid or chemicals in the cell can impact the heart rate. 2) Is the average resting heart rate for the exercise and non-exercising group different? Provide a physiological explanation for why they are similar or different. In the data that our class collected, the average heart rates for the exercising and non-exercising groups are not that much different. They are actually pretty similar however; the non-exercising group's range was much larger than the exercising group. Usually if you work out more, the lower your resting heart rate will be but in this case they were pretty similar. This could be because of the chemicals in our bodies, or maybe simply people in class don't count their exercise or just simple errors. 3) Make a graph of exercise and recovery heart rates from Activity 2. Provide a physiological explanation for changes in heart rate from rest to exercise, as well as during recovery. Incorporate fundamental concepts of homeostasis in your answer. The obvious physiological change that happens when you begin to exercise is the heart rate increases. The more energy and oxygen you use, the harder your heart works to pump the necessary nutrients and release the CO2. When you go from rest to exercise, the increase in heart rate is dramatic then it plateaus. During recovery...
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