Physics "The Domino Effect" Lab Report

Topics: Dominoes, Domino effect, Causality Pages: 2 (1145 words) Published: October 26, 2014

“The Domino Effect”
Teacher’s Prompt
Investigate the domino effect with a set of dominoes.
To investigate the relationship between the mass of the dominoes, and how it impacts the time taken of the domino effect. Independent Variable: The mass of each domino (12.38 g, 32.38 g, 42.38 g, 62.38 g, 82.38 g). Dependent Variable: Time taken of the domino effect.

Controlled Variable: The number of dominoes used (8 dominoes), the distance between the dominoes (2 cm), the loads used as the initial force applied on the domino (50g), the inclined plane used as a platform that will direct the load to hit the first domino (20o), the stopwatch used to time the domino effect, the person using the stopwatch, the person releasing the metal weight from the top of the inclined plane, the ruler used to measure the distance between the dominoes. Equipment

1 Inclined Plane
1 (50 g) Metal Weight
4 x 8 (20 g) Metal Weight
8 Dominoes (Uno Stackos)
1 Digital Mass Balance (± 0.01 g)
1 Masking Tape
1 Protractor
1 Ruler
1 Stopwatch (± 0.01 s)
Analysis of Variables
Independent Variable:
The mass of the dominoes will vary ranging from 12.38 g to 82.38 g. The increase between each of the variable will be constantly 20 g, to satisfy the range of the mass; the original mass of the domino is 12.38 g, and an additional mass from a 20 g of load will be attached on top of the domino for every change in variable. Dependent Variable:

In accordance to the mass for every variable, the time taken of the domino effect to be completed (1st hit to the 8th fall) will also differ. Therefore, the time taken of the domino effect will depend on the change of mass of the dominoes. A stopwatch will be utilized to record the time of the chain of falling dominoes. Controlled Variable:

Identified Variables Possible Impact on Results Specific Method for Control Distance between each center point of domino (2 cm) If the distance between each center point of...
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