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Research on the basketball shooting mechanics factors
Ben Zhang
(Department of Computer Science, ID:111220172)
Abstract: basketball shooting process trajectory analysis shows that the effective control when shooting shots has an extremely important impact angle of shooting and using principles of mechanics to explore shooting problems, provides a theoretical basis for the shooting rate. Keywords: shooting, shot angle, Hit rate

"The shooting is the general term of the offensive players the ball toward the basket and used a variety of specialized action [1]. Shooting basketball offensive skills, Surgery, is the only score means. Use a variety of other offensive technology, with the ultimate aim of the machine in order to create the shot are in the game, the offensive team, Will, so shooting is a the basketball confrontation of focus. At present, the domestic and international factors affect the basketball shooting, mainly for heart, Management and technical action, and take full advantage of the principles of mechanics to study less. From the physics point of view, using principles of mechanics and impact analysis, The Hit Rate factors, in order to explore an effective way to improve the shooting, in order to improve the rational knowledge of the athletes on the shooting process, guidance basket, The ball movement training to improve shooting. 1 Shoot the process of ball control and the need to address the problem 1.1 the ball control

Draws the process is a control of the ball procedure. In the shooting process, the control of one-dimensional (linear) movement is the easiest, as the movement dimension, The number increases, the control more difficult. The shooting process used four joints: shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger joints, regardless of which joint problem, Will lead to cast Basket failure. Therefore reduce the dimension and its impact of the shooting process of the movement of the arm is a shooting ways. If the plane of each of the joints of the arm placed in the ball's flight, will make the movement of each joint simplified plane motion, motion dimension greatly reduced, Lee in control process E4 cast basket J. Statistics shooting accuracy of the players will find that most of them out ball point located above the shoulder, to keep the shoulder, elbow and Wrist close to the plane of the ball's flight, such as Larry Bird, the NBA, China's Hu Weidong. When the arm should be straight, shoulder, elbow movement amplitude, tends to zero, shot control greatly simplifies the development effort "shock straight arm, the shooting process simplifies the movement of the wrist and finger joints. 1.2 required to solve the problem

1.2.1 human visual instinct limited shooting radians
Shooting, the vast majority of people want the ball and the basket placed within the field of vision. The limited perspective of the people that want to improve subjective radians requirements, The visual energy beam tied. If you do not see the basket, radian can be freely adjusted radian can "see" high, but also to strengthen the feel. Netball high need to be the greater the energy, the greater proportion of the thrust, thus increasing the pressure between the hand and the ball tactile strengthening. 1.2.2 The angle of the wrist in the shooting process development effort Wrist joints in which angle force? What angle the ball hand separation? How to find these two angle? This can be analyzed from a mechanical point of view. Wrist Joints in the shooting process turned 120. ~ 180. (Figure 1). Figure 1 is a the optimum pressure graph Shooting basketball players actual pressure Qu Line as shown in Figure 2, the key issues that need to be addressed is shot process.

2 Cast basket process mechanics analysis
Figure 1 the longitudinal axis of the pressure between the hand and the ball, and the horizontal axis represents the distance draws the process of movement of the hand; curve starting point for the ball ready to point curve end the ball hand...

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