Physics lab report-motion

Topics: Velocity, Euclidean geometry, Analytic geometry Pages: 4 (833 words) Published: October 13, 2013
Lab II, Problem 3:
Projectile Motion and Velocity

Oct. 06, 2013
Physics 1301W, Professor: Hanany, TA: Vladimir

A ball is tossed obliquely. The vectors of position and velocity are measured. The acceleration is calculated.

A toy company is now making an instructional videotape on how to predict the position. Therefore, in order to make the prediction accurate, how the horizontal and vertical components of a ball’s position as it flies through the air should be understood. This experiment is to calculate functions to represent the horizontal and vertical positions of a ball. It does so by measuring and calculating the components of the position and velocity of the ball during the toss. Therefore, we can also calculate the acceleration during the procedure.

The x-axis is located on the ground level horizontally, pointing to where the ball is initially thrown, that is opposite the direction the ball flies. The vertical y-axis passes through the highest point of the ball during the fly and point upward. Since the ball experiences no other force, except for gravity, during the toss. There is no horizontal force. It is predicted that the ball should have a constant horizontal speed, which is the horizontal component of initial velocity. Vertically, it has gravity pulling it down all the time. So it should have an acceleration of –g (minus is for the direction). Since it has a vertical velocity, the ball should go up for a while and then fall down. The position graph should be a parabola. The function should be as follows:

horizontal (x)
vertical (y)
acceleration (a)m/s2
velocity (v)
Vx= Vx0
Vy=Vy0 -g*t
position (x)
Xx= Xx0+Vx0 *t
Xy=Xy0+xy0 *t-g*t2
The Vox and Voy are for the initial horizontal and vertical velocities and the x0 and y0 are for the initial horizontal the vertical position.

A 146.12g spherical ball is thrown upward obliquely. Its toss trajectories were recorded by a...
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