Physics: Conduction, Convection, Radiation

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Conduction, Convection, and Radiation

The three types of heat transfers are Conduction, Convection, and Radiation. Heat always moves from a warmer place to a cooler place. For example hot objects that are in a room that is cooler than the temperature of the object will eventually cool to room temperature. First is conduction, conduction is heat transferring through direct contact of substances. Then convection, which is the transfer of heat by the movement of the warmed matter. Lastly radiation is electromagnetic waves that directly transport heat through space.

Conduction is the transfer of heat between substances that are in direct contact with each other. The better the conductor is the faster the heat will transfer. The best conductor of heat is a metal. Conduction occurs when a substance is heated and when particles gain energy they start to vibrate more. Then the particles will bump into nearby particles and transfer some of their energy them. This process continues and passes the energy from the hot end down to the colder end of the substance.

Convection occurs when warmer areas of a liquid or gas rise to cooler areas in the liquid or gas. Cooler liquid or gas will take the place of the warmer areas which have risen higher. This ends up in a circulation pattern that keeps going. A good example of convection is water boiling in a pan of the convection currents. Another example of convection occurs in the atmosphere. The example of convection that happens is that the earth's surface is warmed by the sun, first the warm air rises and cool air moves in.

Radiation is another type of heat transfer. This type of heat transfer does not rely on any contact between the source of the heat and the object that is heated, like it happens with conduction and convection. Sunlight is a form of radiation. Heat can be transmitted though space by thermal radiation. Thermal radiation is often called infrared radiation. This...
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