Physical Networking: Tools and Wiring

Topics: Electrical engineering, Cable, Electrical wiring Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: April 17, 2015

Unit 4. Lab 1 New Building –Tools and Wiring
The type of cabling used to design a building that will house computers and electrical engineering labs will be mostly copper and some fiber optic cabling. Out of all of the different metals and wire out there, copper is the best conductor out of all of them. You can get more power in a piece of copper than with any other option you have. This makes it efficient and helps you get the job done better than you could otherwise. A lot of electrical wiring will need to be flexible in a building of this capacity. In the designing you might have to go into a very precarious angle to get the job done. Even though it has some flexibility, you are not going to lose any toughness, either. It is not brittle when you bend it, so it will not crack or break. Safety is a huge issue with wiring as a result; it really takes a lot to melt a copper wire. Therefore, if you are worried about safety, copper wire is going to be one of your best options. If an overload or surge comes through the wire, it is not likely to melt or burn. This means that your odds of a fire starting as a result of a power problem are going to be greatly decreased. When materials other than copper are used in high volume buildings, they can sometimes loosen where they are connected and come unattached. This can lead to some seriously dangerous conditions and waste a lot of time fixing everything. This can cause an incompatibility problem in the future. If you try and run a non-copper wire up to a copper wire, it could cause a galvanic action and start some serious problems. This could effectively destroy the copper wire that it is attached to. This could cause serious work in repairing the entire system. Getting copper from the beginning will make everything a lot easier in the long run. The tools used in this particular building are cable ties, clamps, crimpers, cutters, strippers, electrical testers, fuse pullers, heat guns, loom and conduit tools,...
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