Physical And Technological Resources As

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Physical and Technological resources Task 2 assignment
In the following assignment I will be describing the main physical and technological resources required during operation of my chosen business, and how these management types will improve my organisation. The organisation I will be covering is Sainsbury’s. Physical and Technological Resources

Below is a list of all the physical and technological resources involved with Sainsbury’s. Building and facilities
Sainsbury’s supermarket use the grid layout. The reason they do this is because the maximum amount of items can be put in the space, and can give shoppers easy access to walk around the whole shop. The layout is strategic too, letting them use various sales tactics. An example is how they place essentials at the back of the shop such as milk and bread. shoppers will need to walk to the back of the shop to get what they need, meaning seeing all of the other items on offer. Because of this it can influence people to buy these items and increase Sainsbury’s profit. They also use tactics like ‘pester power’, having an isle of sweets near the entrance. ‘Pester power’ is a term used to reference when children pester their parents to have items such as sweets or fizzy drinks. Materials and waste

Sainsbury’s have many schemes in place regarding waste products, and boast how efficiently they do it. In 2010 they achieved zero food waste, and recently achieved zero going into landfill sites. They did all of this with their new slogan ‘positive waste’. They do this through their recycling facilities, recently having the 100th built. They also donate 6.8 million meals through food donation partnerships. Plant and Machinery

Sainsbury’s manage their machinery by introducing a range of new designed lorries to do all their transportation. They are also running a new system of delivery, named “resource managed planning”....
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