Philosophy Statement of a Child Care Center

Topics: Education, Theory of multiple intelligences, Intelligence Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Philosophy Statement

I believe the purpose of education is to teach my students and ready them for the future and whatever comes with it. I want to start my students off with an education that they can build on for the rest of their lives. I believe my main role is to socialize the children and slowly acclimate them to the school environment, while teaching them through their five senses. School readiness and a love of learning plays a huge part in helping ensure future success. I aim to make the children feel equally important as the other by having them cooperate and work as one big team. I will provide an environment for the children to feel welcomed and comfortable like it is their second home, so they don’t feel shy and unwilling to partake in the various activities in class. I will also introduce the students to our daily routines so they can be more comfortable, because if they have a set schedule everyday the transition between activities is smooth. Parents will have full access to join us with the fun and educational things we do in class and to help at anytime with art projects, nature walks, and many more enriching activities.

I believe one of the best ways to reach diverse children is through art and music. Art lessons can grow into interesting lessons of culture and even simple school subjects. Additionally there is music in every type of culture and I believe all children love moving to and learning about music. I encourage all kids to share where their roots are through projects, even through a simple conversation with the class. My community of learners is filled with all sorts of children who all learn in different ways. Although we are all different, we are a family, and all the children have their abilities and talents. All of them have the ability to learn at their own pace I will be there for support.

I strongly believe children learn in different ways. For example, I agree with Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory. All...
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