Philosophy Of Education

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Philosophy of Education Paper

All throughout high school counselors, deans, and even certain teachers always enforced that one day we as students would need to choose a career path once we graduated and carried on to college. I never really knew exactly what I wanted to do as far as a career until the end of my senior year of high school. I came to the realization that I wanted to go into the field of education; I wanted to teach. I liked the idea of teaching because I find delight in helping others, mainly children and creating them into better people. Considering going into Education, I would like to teach around the Elementary level preferably second grade. I imagine obtaining a traditional classroom of students being taught general educational subjects in order to prepare them for the next level. As a teacher I would want nothing but the best for my students. I would want students to feel warmth and security when inside the classroom. I picture my classroom to be setup with bright colors, world maps, and historical events, a reading area, toy animals, big colorful alphabet letters, funny pictures, play mat area, cubbies, and desk connected into groups so students wouldn't feel isolated or forsaken. Even so, with all the excitement I plan to have around my class, students would still accomplish the basic fundamentals of Reading, Writing, Mathematics, and Language Arts. Once I achieve the position of becoming a teacher I believe students work best when interacting and engaging with one another. My major teaching method would be having students interact in classroom discussions as a way of enhancing learning. The way I'd go about interacting with students will not be through dictation. As the teacher, I would consider myself to be the leader of my students rather than just an ordinary teacher. As the leader my main objective would be to bring subjects to surface and have open discussions which would involve the students and I. Every lesson taught will be...
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