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Philosophy hw
Fast car and a good woman
October 3, 2011
Raymond Martin talks about the problem of the meaning of life in his work in a fast car and a good woman. He brings up thought provoking questions life what is the meaning of life and what will satisfy our minds and make us happy. We all have everyday struggles to satisfy our hearts and the problem with us as Americans is that we try to do too much in a sense there are way too many things that we think will make us happy like money, a person that we can live with forever, a good job, every is content with you. I think of it the same way because I know that if I had a ton of money I could be happy because with money you can get girls because we all know that parents are teaching there daughters to marry rich if you marry someone poor then the other struggles of paying bills and being evicted and stuff takes a toll on relationships. I think about why does this stuff make us happy. And I came up with that we love to show off to our friends to show them how good our life is and so on and I guess that its our own mind that makes us want these things to fill an empty spot, as in as you grow up your parents always say strive for the best work hard and you get rewarded. Well when you get older your mindset is still relatively close to that if not that. We work hard at our jobs in order to get a raise or promoted we try to impress girls to get them to still feel the same way about you as the same first day. You can say that the thought of happiness and the act of being happy was embedded in us as youths and its something that will always be with us to the day we die.
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