Philippine Folk Dances

Topics: Provinces of the Philippines, Dance, Mindanao Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: March 20, 2011
Dances of the Cordillera Groups
Place of Origin| Title of Dance| Nature of Dance| Costume and Props Used| Dance Description| Mountain Province| Banga| Occupational Dances| Heavy Earthen Pots| Igorot maidens go to the river and prepare for a marriage ceremony. They display not only their grace and agility, but also their stamina and strength as they go about their daily task of fetching water and balancing the banga, claypots full of water, on their heads.| Northern Benguet| Lepanto Festival Dance| Wedding Dances| none| It is usually danced at wedding celebrations and also after a harvesting season, when thanksgiving is rendered to Benguet god Kabuniyan for the bountiful harvest of the year.| Lagawe| Dinuyya| Religious and Ceremonial Dances| gangsa, tobtob, hibat| It is performed by the Ifugao men and women during a major feast.| Vigan| Manmanok| Courtship Dances| Blankets| Three Bago Tribe roosters compete against each other for the attention of Lady Lien. They use blankets depicting colorful plumes to attract her.| Western Influenced Dances

Place of Origin| Title of Dance| Nature of Dance| Costume and Props Used| Dance Description| Cuba| Danza| Festival Dances| none| The Argentine writer Carlos Vega (1898-1966) traces its origin to the English contra dance or square dance, which was then assimilated into Spain as contradanza or danza. Around 1825, it was brought to Cuba in this form where it was combined with Afro-Cuban rhythms; and around 1850, it was transformed into the habanera.| Cagayan Valley| Jota Cagayana| War Dances| suits and maria claras| Until the turn of the century the Ibanag of Cagayan Valley perform this fast tempo dance which ncludes familiar European steps, the mazurka, polka, gallop and waltz.| Tayabas, Quezon| Putritos| Courtship Dances| barong tagalong, filipinana| This dance is a coquetry in its finest art...
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