Pharmacology Test Questions

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Exam 4

Select the accurate statement regarding the difference between the effects of vincristine (Oncovin®) and vinblastine (Velban®). Vinblastine produces bone marrow suppression.

After receiving a first-time dose of the inactivate flu vaccine, an adult pt telephones the nurse & complains of lethargy & a fever of 101 that has lasted for 6 hrs. Selects the nurse’s best action. Advise the pt to take acetaminophen and rest.

A pt is receiving IV vancomycin (Vancocin). A unique complication of rapid IV infusion of vancomycin is: red man syndrome

The nurse is caring for a pt with a Pseudomonas infection & has just administered amikacin (Amikin). What is the advantage of this aminoglycoside over the other aminoglycosides? It is the most resistant to bacteria.

A pt who works as a landscaper is preparing to be discharged home. He has been instructed to take tetracycline (Sumycin) as an outpatient. Which of the following should be included in the discharge teaching for this pt? “Use sunscreen and protective clothing when outdoors.”

The nurse asks a graduate nurse, “When a pt in the initial phase of HIV infection is assessed, which findings would you expect to see?” The graduate nurse would be correct to respond with all of the following signs and symptoms EXCEPT: Respiratory distress

The nurse, who is serving as a preceptor for a graduate nurse, frequently asks questions to assess the graduate nurse’s level of knowledge. The nurses are discussing the effects of H1 versus H2receptors. The graduate nurse correctly states the major response to the activation of H2receptors is secretion of gastric acid

A pt has just received a prescription for a 10-day course of penicillin for treatment of strep throat. What pt education is essential for the nurse to provide? The entire course of the drug must be taken to prevent the recurrence of infection and potential resistance.

Parents bring their child to the clinic b/c they suspect their child has pinworms. What education is most important for the nurse to provide to the parents? “Everyone in the family should be treated.”

A pt who has been taking nalidixic acid (NegGram) for a UTI is now diagnosed with a respiratory infection. The pt asks, “Will the nalidxic acid i’m taking cover both infections?” Select the nurse’s best response. “The drug you’re taking has no action outside the urinary tract. You will need an additional antibiotic for the respiratory tract infection.”

A nurse teaches a health education class for 2nd graders. The nurse asks the class, “What can we do to help prevent the spread of head lice?” Which response by a member of the class best indicates understanding? “Do not share hair combs and brushes with your friends.”

The nurse is serving as a preceptor for a graduate nurse on medical-surgical unit. The nurse, who is discussing the mechanisms of action of antibiotics, currently talking about the mechanism of action of PCNs. Which statement by the graduate nurse best demonstrates understanding? “PCN works by.... weakening the bacterial cell wall, which then ruptures and dies.”

Which class of drugs would the nurse be most likely to see Stevens-Johnson syndrome? Sulfonamides

A pt with a history of angina asks the nurse whether it is safe to use oral pseudoephedrine for allergic rhinitis. Select the nurse’s best response. “These agents should not be used by patients with any form of heart disease.”

For which diagnosis would the nurse administer a sulfonamide? Urinary tract infection

A newly admitted pt is going to be started on a course of antibiotic therapy with PCN. The nurse understands that, while taking the pt’s health history, a priority assessment is questioning the pt about a history of seizure activity.

Any previous allergic to penicillin.

A 50- yr old pt is beginning therapy with tamoxifen (Nolvadex) for the tx of breast cancer. The pt asks the nurse about other beneficial actions of this agent, the nurse should explain...
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