Case Study 8 DVT - Winningham

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Case Study 8 DVT - Winningham
Case Study 8
1. List 6 risk factors for DVT.
Inheriting a blood clot disorder
Prolonged bed rest, such as long hospital stay
Injury or surgery
Birth control pills or hormone replacement
Being overweight or obese

2. Identify at least 5 problems from L.J.’s history that represent his personal risk factors.
Smoking history
Personal history of DVT
Prolonged bed rest
Age of above 60 years old
Sitting for long period of times (Bus Driving)

3. Something is missing from the scenario. Based on his history, L.J. should have been taking an important medication. What is it, and why should he be taking it?
He should have been taking a blood thinner. This will decrease the blood’s ability to clot. This keeps the existing clots from getting larger and new clots from forming.

4. Keeping in mind L.J.’s health history and admitting diagnoses, what are the most important assessments you will make during your physical examination and assessment?
I will continually assess for peripheral circulation and monitor for pain associated with his right leg DVT. I would also monitor for swelling, redness, excess warmth, and discoloration in comparison with unaffected limb.
5. What is the most serious complication of DVT?
Most serious complication is that a thrombus becomes mobile changing its status as an embolus. An embolus has a high likelihood of reaching the lungs and which can potentially become fatal as a pulmonary embolism.

6. List at least 8 assessment findings you should monitor closely for in the development of the complication identified in Question 5.
Monitor for shortness of breath.
Skin cool to touch
Assess for chest pain
Auscultate heart sounds for accentuated (stressed) sounds
Auscultate for wheezing and crackled breathing sounds in the lungs.
Monitor heart rate for tachycardia
Observe for neck vein distension
Observe patient for cyanosis

7. L.J. asks, “Why do I have to get these shots? Why can’t I just get a Coumadin pill to thin mu blood?” What should be

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