Phantom of the Opera Compare and Contrast

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Americans are always looking for fun and new entertainment which broadens the horizons of their thinking and gives them a whole new experience. Theatre and movies allow the audience to escape from everyday anxieties and stress, to imagine what life would be like if viewed or taken from another perspective. The Phantom of the Opera is a classic, musical romance film popular because of its emphasis on love, constant entertainment, and powerfully touching music. The Phantom of the Opera is a popular novel and play which is still determined as one of the longest running show in history, and one of the most lucrative entertainment enterprises of all time. Both versions of the Phantom of the Opera movie, having radical differences but still being of the same kind, deserve a long debate in a compare-and-contrast manner.

The story is about an opera ghost who drives everyone in the opera house crazy. The owner of the opera house quits and is soon followed by his lead singer. The 1943 version of the Phantom of the Opera deals with a slight different scenario than the 2004 version. Unlike the most recent one, the 1943 gives a nice back story of Enrique Claudine and how he ended up being a Ghost of the opera which terrorizes the Paris Opera. He is also obsessed with nice beautiful girl Christine and secretly helps her reach her goal which is being a famous singer of the Paris Opera. Christine claims she has been taking lessons from a man whose name she does not know. Her secret tutor turns out to be the opera ghost. Although the original lead singer decides to come back, the opera ghost wants his girl to continue to sing the lead. He sabotages the original lead, murders a stage hand and causes a major accident in the opera house.
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