Topics: Petroleum, Oil well, Petroleum industry Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Dear Members of the committee,

A close look at my Resume will indicate that I majored in the exploitation of oil and gas fields in my undergraduate program and specialized in petroleum engineering. Therefore I submit my application for the position of MSc Degree in Petroleum Geoscience for Reservoir Development and Production, University of Manchester. I am confident that I have the technical qualifications to meet the course requirements as I strongly believe by completing this course will serve my goal of a career in Oil and Gas industry or involved in research oriented organization. I have completed a four years Degree of engineering in Petroleum at UTM and graduated in July 2011. My undergraduate education has given me a certain set of skills and strong fundamental in Petroleum Engineering as a result to develop a combination of thinking and research capabilities. Being as a Vacation Trainee at Schlumberger in Labuan that was introduced in my third year at the university, I had exposure myself in Oil and Gas Industry closely. I was working in Well Testing Department and it is a great experience for me. I got the chance to learn more about technical knowledge and technology used in the current Oil and Gas Industry. When I was in final year of my study, I had the chance to demonstrate my research abilities by conducting my degree thesis entitled ‘Drilling Mud Filter Cakes Degradation Using Pullulanase Enzyme’. This thesis was a great project due to the fact that I had to study the behavior of an enzyme and also the reservoir environment near the wellbore. I had to design the treatment solution to remove the mud cake in the wellbore to increase the reservoir production. In addition, this project was funded by Exxon Mobile. As a result of working on my thesis, I have not only gained valuable knowledge and confident in my technical skills but also an important experience working in the lab. Besides, my degree thesis was qualified to join Shell Inter-Varsity...
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