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Oil Well

Date: 17/11/2013 Lab: 5 Topic: Production logging/Well testing Interval Fluid Content % of total production 7000’- 6960’ 100% oil 20% 6960’- 6915’ 80% water, 20% oil 50% 6900’- 6880’ 20% water, 80% oil 20% 6870’- 6850’ 100% water 10% 1. In order to obtain the above information, a series of logs must be run. The fluid content, percentage of each fluid at every interval and also the percentage of total production of the well can be acquired using the following logs: Dielectric...

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Oil Platform Blowout (Speech)

will someday works with the oil and gas industry and will be working on the oil platform right? But did we aware of the risks that we will face while working on the oil rig? Let me give you the picture. (Slide 3) This is called a blowout. Scary isn’t it? You can see the scenery on how the fire burns down the platform, the explosion, the chaos. Can we imagine ourselves if we happen to be there at that time? All of this is because of a single blowout. The largest accidental oil rig blowout in the world...

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Petrol: Petroleum and Crude Oil Fields

combustion contribute to inner-city pollution. Its extraction around the world is a dirty process, despite some half-hearted efforts to convince us otherwise. And the global appetite for oil-based fuels makes the environment, or indigenous people, only a secondary consideration in the oil business. To cap it all, most oil production is from politically unstable regions of the world so that our foreign policy cannot help but be warped by a need to secure our fuel supply. `q1Qq Put in that light, our willingness...

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White Nights Polar Lights Investing in the Russian Oil Industry

 BUSI 281 Strategic Management Dr. Dara Szyliowicz Case Write-Up: White Nights, Polar Lights: Investing in the Russian Oil Industry In the latter half of the 1980s, the fallen of the Soviet Union opened a great opportunity for Western firms to do business in Russian Oil industry. According to the article, Russia was still the world’s largest single producer of crude petroleum. Its reserves of petroleum were the seventh largest in the world, and its reserves of natural gas the largest. Moreover...

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Gaslands Part II

The movie Gaslands: Part II highlights the many problems with fracking for natural gas in the United States. It starts by showing the support of politicians and President Barack Obama himself. Gradually, the movie starts to show the wrongs that the oil companies are committing while fracking. The natural gas is so profitable that the injustice seems like a minor setback in the quest for the end results. Throughout the movie, it shows how families are affected, and just how spread out these families...

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Fracking in North Texas

seem so bad, but the chemicals that make up the other 0.5% could possibly be deadly. A few of the chemicals used are household items like sodium chloride, guar gum, and borate salt(Dong). Fracking requires up to 5 million gallons of water per well and perhaps even more in which case, the tons of water used would create a huge demand of local water supplies (Dong). Unlike agriculture or domestic water uses, gas drilling does not return the used water back into in the ground (Myers). The water...

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Drilling Mud: Presentation

benefits from this informative presentation. * I have one question to ask before i proceed with my presentation, how many of you intent to work in oil and gas industry in future? i believe each one of us has a big opportunity to work in oil and gas industry. * So i am here to present about drilling mud which is one of the most important things in oil and gas industry. * Allow me to introduce myself first, my name is Mohamad Nazrul bin Mohd Salleh, currently in 3rd year 2nd sem taking petroleum...

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Hydraulic Fracturing

This and many more question have been asked about Hydraulic Fracturing with this paper I hope to answer that question and give you some more insight to what is really going on “ fracking”. Not only are there the safety issues but many legal ones as well and state laws vary from state to state alone with having to follow federal laws. One of the issues that are brought up is water, drinking to be specific. Many people are concerned that with the fracturing it will have an effect on the underground...

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[pic] BY Dr.T.K.NAIYA Department of Petroleum Engineering Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad – 826004 Factors Influencing Well Completion Design Completion is the lowest cost completion that needs or nearly made the demand played upon a form the most of his life. To intelligently design will completion, a reasonable estimate of producing characteristics during the life overwhelm must be made. Both reservoir and mechanical considerations must be evaluated. Reservoir considerations ...

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Petroleum Industry Analysis

small in number, yet large in size. Therefore, a high demand from the oil and natural gas companies has naturally given them an advantageous position within the sector. Their highly diversified product portfolio has continued to emphasize their strong bargaining power with the oil and natural gas companies. Due to the specialized nature of the suppliers, finding an alternative supplier is difficult. This is probably why many oil and natural gas services companies have backward integrated their operations...

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