Pet Adoption

Topics: Emotion, Psychology, Advertising Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: December 15, 2012
A visual representation is shown of an idea or image that is presented in a particular way to have its meaning or symbolism, it has a powerful influence on decision make. Visual representations such as adverting affect public by cognitive aspect, and the most important aspect is senses, the goal of visual representations, are going to evoke the feeling. Advertising is a simplest way of pertaining information; Ph. Kotler (2003) (Sandra Jakštienė, 2008) said that there are motivation, perception, learning and memory, four main process of psychological impact. Base on research of the psychological impact of visual representation, firstly people’s attention is concentrated, then perception through people’s emotions and different sense, reasoning take place and follow the advert assimilation. In 2006 and 2007 SPCA had made a series print ad to promote. (PR Campaigns, 2009) Also in 2009, SPCA had launched a series of advertising on bus and ZoCards which expressing pet adoption. Both two campaign using dark tone, more or less having gloomy sense, in the second project pets are acting as a truly friend to human being. Korea CJ entertainment company took a video that about dog abandoned and adopted (CJ E&M, 2012) using a view from the dog seeing its’ life following the story people’s emotion also change. Being personated or with expression, is a common form of showing animals in ad. In this way designers create human emotions on animal, pass along the value of empathy to target audience. Another way being used heavily to represent is to show the adorable character, especially cubs to catch public’s attention and feeling. Therefor, visual representation will influence people’s perception towards pet adoption.
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