Analysis of Surf Excel

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An analysis of a television advertisement

The Source:-

Hindustan Unilever Limited introduced Surf in 1959, introducing the first detergent powder into the country. At the time, housewives used laundry soap bar to wash clothes. Surf offered them significantly better clean, with much less effort. The promise of ‘Superlative Whiteness’ – the Articulation of a great clean at the time connected with consumers and helped to establish the Brand. Surf Excel was the first national detergent Brand on TV.

The Advertisement Message:-

The advertisement features a brother and sister duo walking home from school,when the little girl falls into a puddle of mud. Crying, she looks to her brother for help.Her brother gets an idea and starts “beating up” the puddle of mud, demanding anapology. After a time and a lot of mud on his uniform, he stands up and says, “Sorrybola.” The narrator then removes all apprehensions of dirt and stains and says,“Daag Acche Hain.”

Execution Styles:-

The advertising mantra, AIDA, is strictly adhered to. This is one of the reasons for its success. By showing a little boy and girl, the advertisement draws the attention of the viewers. When the little girl falls into the puddle and starts to cry, it creates interest in the minds of the viewers. When the tagline is spouted, it builds, in the viewers, a desire to know more. This desire often leads to action. Although there is no obvious targeting, it is done so through indirect means. Most mothers are concerned when their children come home in dirty and messy clothes.


The advertisement does what seldom others to cater to the emotions and sentiments of the viewers and succeeds with it. Not only do the children lower your guard to the advertisement but the story too warms the heart of the viewers. The advertisement generates a sense of bonding. Viewers without siblings too, canrelate to the advertisement and the action of the little boy....
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