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May 29th, 2013
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Theories of Persuasion
Writing Assignment

Hello, my name is Santos Serfaty and I am a recruiting officer representing the LOST (Learn on Saturdays too) Collective, and together we are devoted to restructure the undergraduate curriculum so that the students must attend six days a week, between 4 to 6 hours a day to the IDC. As a current student at the IDC school of Communications I strongly believe that memory is set best if you go over the material more frequently.

There is no doubt that the brain will achieve its best when the student is practicing every day. Here is a specific and short case of a student that learns 3 days a week; at the beginning of each week, the student is not able to remember what he/she studied a week before due to the long period of time between classes. Hereby we came to the conclusion that the student should plan to spend 6 days a week studying for each subject every week of the semester. Three days a week or less, means you have more days every week to accidentally forget the material you are trying to learn. However all students should study more that the bare minimum 4 days/week and 4 hours/week, for each 3 hours subject, yet that is for a high school student, a college or university related major will need to start at the far end of the study formula 6days /week and 6 days hours/week) to improve and get better results in the exams.

We the LOST offices want to give you full responsibility and the proper tools for the exams and your studies. Thus you can see only positive outcomes and success for you,"The Students". Most people report college is harder than high school. Statistically, only 30% of college freshmen graduate after being in school for 6 years, due to the lack of rehearsing the material and the days of school. If you are a full time student and put in less time each week for college than you did in high school (going to class, doing homework, and studying), then your behavior is saying college is easier than high school. However If you can make at least the same commitment you did in high school (6 to 7 days a week ) then you will be on a better path to success.

How would you feel in front of you parents or friends when you come back from the IDC, with 3 days a week schedule "easy life", and you have a disgusting grade that does not show any progress of yourself as student and or person?. Despite of what you say or do, you will never have a fair answer to them. Many students around the world such a Japan study 6 days a week and one might notice how that civilization is a completely success in progress. We the IDC will give you, as previous mentioned all the tools you need; No one says studying 6 days a week is easy however as Carter G Woodson said "The mere imparting of information is not education. Above all things the effort must result in making a man think and do for himself". We won't make you a machine; we will shape you into a better student and human with the 6 days program.

Furthermore believe it or not most of you college students study 6 days a week and actually go to college to keep studying in their free time. Ironically must of those students "do not study too much at home" and they still get an amazing grade, how is that even possible? That’s probable since the human brain contains a capacity range from 1 to 1000 terabytes! In fact the brain has bigger storage than a computer, did you know that? Rehearsing the material every day or at least 6 days a week will not only enable you to remember and make the proper connections and assimilations of all the relevant material, but at the end of the day you will have to do less effort on the exams to recall all the material that many of your fellow students summon up, without any single problem just for the fact that they do like to study 6 days a week.

Look at the bigger picture; if you are spending less than 30 hours a week on...
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