Persuasion Techniques in the Workforce

Topics: Sales, Selling, Question Pages: 2 (786 words) Published: March 27, 2002
What is the most influential way of speaking that anyone can use that can change one's belief in a matter of a few minutes? The techniques of persuasive language can alter the mind of anyone almost subliminally. The use of such techniques such as rhetorical questions, humor, parallelism, or exaggeration can change the mind even the most swayed believer. Good persuasive techniques are often used in the work force through various instances. People who practice law or are car salesman often find themselves using the effective persuasive techniques to convince others that their idea is the only capable of being correct. A lawyer is sometimes characterized as being one of the most persuasive occupations in the world. Such controversial cases, as the O. J. Simpson case, support the idea that persuasive speaking can change or hide the truth with some of the effective persuasive techniques. The defensive team, in that case and many other cases like the O. J. Simpson case, used a wide variety of persuasive techniques to persuade the jurors or the judge into believing the unbelievable. When the task of proving an unlikely point seems impossible, good persuasive techniques can make the situation much easier. When a rhetorical question is asked, the strong points of a situation are questioned. The use of a rhetorical question by a lawyer while giving an argument is a very effective skill because it draws skepticism to a reasonable point. The context and use of rhetorical questions, or any other persuasive technique, can very well make or break an argument. Loaded words are sometimes used by attorneys to make an action seem more important or serious than they really is. For an example, if someone steals an object from someone else, and it is put as, "the perpetrator deprived the victim's freedom by taking a prized possession that meant so much to him," the incident is blown to a large proportion they may or may not be as serious as it is put. When jurors receive...
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