Persuasion Essay: the Odyssey

Topics: Odyssey, Odysseus, Poseidon Pages: 3 (1260 words) Published: February 14, 2007

It was in the first moment, that one millisecond, when I had first seen him that I knew he was going to be mine. I knew without a doubt, that Odysseus, Laertes's son and child of Zeus, would forever be in my possession, no, it's more like, I would in his. It would only take just a certain amount of persuasion on my part. I could tell that he was suspicious of me at first. But, I did my best to show that he did not need to fear me in that way, although he was right to do so in the first place. "Now let Earth be my witness, with the broad Sky above, and the falling waters of the Styx ... that I harbor no secret plans against you..." [Calypso 3 to Odysseus. Homer, Odyssey 5.184] The persuasion was a gradual process. I acted my best, playing the part as the sympathetic friend whom he was emotionally detached with. His suspicions little by little died down until it was but a mere pebble in the ocean. I knew of only two things that were delaying me from reaching my goal: One, his beautiful mortal wife, Penelope, and two, the father of gods, Zeus himself. Zeus pitied poor Odysseus, being stuck on my island, Ogygia, with only memories of his homeland, Ithaca, to comfort him. So, he sent Hermes to confront me. "... Now Zeus bids you to send Odysseus off without delay. He is not doomed to end his days on this island, away from all his friends. On the contrary, he is destined to see them yet, to reach his native land, and to step beneath the high roof of his house." [Hermes to Calypso 3. Homer, Odyssey 5.112] They just didn't understand, though, why I couldn't let Odysseus leave. They'd have to be a lonely goddess, like I, doomed by isolation and seclusion of my island to fully comprehend the situation. "Cruel folk you are, unmatched for jealousy, you gods who cannot bear to let a goddess sleep with a man, even if it is done without concealment and she has chosen him as her lawful consort." [Calypso 3 to Hermes. Homer, Odyssey...
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