Topics: English-language films, Abortion, Pregnancy Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: May 11, 2015
People around the world go through many situations and experiences in their lives. Every single experience affects a person in one way or the other, the effects that result may be good or bad or a combination of both. In most cases when people think of defining moments in their lives they think of life-shattering events, tragedies (death), or maybe the first time they fell in love, well for me my defining moment was a much subtle, but just as important event in my life. It was the 18th 0f may 2013, the day I love to never forget, the day I found out I was pregnant. I remember it like it was yesterday a day I decided I should get a test because I was a week late. When those two lines stared at me in the face, those two lines that stated I was pregnant. I remember looking at the home test so full of shock, sadness and so much anger toward me, my partner and the whole world for the situation I was in. I did not want a baby, hell I was a baby myself I wasn’t ready for that, I mean I still wanted to enjoy my life, I didn’t need such a big responsibility, I couldn’t even take care of myself well. I spent a few weeks in denial, refusing to believe I was pregnant, even after skipping my period twice, the anger, sadness, depression and blame went on for weeks until I felt I needed to do something to fix this problem. I remember one morning at school I decided to search for abortion clinics in PE and I found the number for Marie Stopes, that afternoon I sat at home, my phone in hand and ready to make the call, I dialled the number and waited for the person on the other end to answer, a lady answered the phone, I don’t remember what she said her name was but we spoke for a bit and I made my appointment. After that call, a sense of relief fell over me, I have just fixed my problem. I won’t have to worry anymore about having to break off school, or seeing the disappointment on my mother’s face as I tell her I was pregnant, the shame and disgrace will be gone, I would say I...
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