My Defining Moment

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‘Moments in our lives that define who we are’

When we are born we are defined by our surroundings, particularly family, our culture and religious beliefs. As children we get told what to eat, what to wear, how to behave etc. but as we get older we begin to have control over our own lives and these are the moments that define us as individuals.

There have been many defining moments in my life but there are two that really sum me up. The first was when I qualified and represented South Africa in the world Freestyle dance championships in Blackpool. I was very proud of myself since it didn’t happen by chance but by hard work and perseverance. I gave up many things to put in extra practice etc. I set goals and when I attain them, I raise the bar higher. This is how I always approach life. It’s important to me that I always give 100% or more.

Another defining moment and probably the most important to me is when I realised why I had been put here on this earth. I had been invited by some friends to a youth camp through De La Salle High School and even though I’ve always gone to church since I can remember something happened, something deeper, something wonderful. I realised that all I have and all I have achieved is meaningless without my Lord and saviour. I realised that I was here with the sole purpose of glorifying him. So now everything I do or achieve is with him in mind, and life is that much greater even though it’s also sometimes more challenging.
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