Personal Selling Review

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Chapter 1

Relationship building is definitely the key to business-to-business selling.” Why Learn About Personal Selling?
The principles of selling are useful to everyone, not just people with the title of salesperson. Developing mutually beneficial, long-term relationships is vital to all of us. People in business use selling principles all the time.

The Role of Salespeople in Business
Go-to-market strategies
Lifetime customer value
Multichannel strategy
Sales-force intensive organizations
Integrated marketing communications
Importance of advertising
What do Salespeople do?
Client relationship manager
Account team manager
Vendor and channel manager
Information provider to their firm
Describing Sales Jobs
Stage of buyer-seller relationship
New or continuing
Salesperson’s role
Taking orders or creating new solutions
Importance of the purchase to the customer
Location of salesperson - customer contact
Field or inside sales
The nature of the offering sold by the salesperson
Products or services
Salesperson’s role in securing customer commitment
Information or placing an order
Examples of Sales Jobs
Best Buy retail salesperson
Hershey foods salesperson
Abbott Labs pharmaceutical salesperson
IBM Computer servers salesperson

Characteristics of Successful Salespeople
Dependability and trustworthiness
Ethical sales behavior
Customer and product knowledge
Communication skills
Emotional intelligence

Are Salespeople Born or Made?
The skills required to be a successful salesperson can be learned. Innate characteristics such as personality traits, gender, and height are largely unrelated to sales performance. Companies spend billions of dollars each year on training.

Rewards in Selling
Independence and responsibility
Financial rewards
Management opportunities

You should study personal selling because we all use selling techniques. Salespeople play a vital role in business activities.
Salespeople engage in a wide range of activities.
The specific duties and responsibilities of salespeople depend on the type of selling position. Research on the characteristics of effective salespeople indicates that many different personality types can be successful in sales.

Chapter 2

Building Partnering Relationships
What different types of relationships exist between buyers and sellers? When is each type of relationship appropriate?
What are the characteristics of successful partnerships?
What are the benefits and risks in partnering relationships? How do relationships develop over time?
What are the responsibilities of salespeople in partnerships?

The Evolution of Personal Selling
Buying on the Internet
Buyers have needs that are met by:
The product
The selling process
Buyers buy to also make a profit
Salespeople orientations
Partnering orientation

Relationships and Selling
Relationship marketing
Lifetime customer value

Types of Relationships
Market exchanges
Solo exchanges
Functional relationships
Relational partnerships
Strategic partnerships

Market Exchange Selling
Making contact
Find someone to listen
Make small talk
Ingratiate and build support

Closing the sale – deliver a sales pitch to:
Get the prospect’s attention
Create interest
Build desire
Get the prospect to take action
Stay alert for closing signals
Use trial closes
Overcome objections
Close early and often

Following through
Reestablish contact
Resell self, company, and products

Long-Term Relationship Selling
Initiating the relationship
Engage in strategic prospecting and qualifying
Gather and study precall information Identify buying influences Plan the initial sales call
Demonstrate an understanding of the customer’s needs
Identify opportunities to build a...
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