Personal Selling

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1.The Organization: What it is and what itdoes
2.The Products and services marketed
3.The role of personal selling in the promotional mix 4.A description of the salesperson's job
5.The selling process


1: The Organization: what it is and what it does

The Trading Department is the preferred supplier of Agricultural Chemicals, Fertilizer, Packhouse and General Farming Requisites in the Sundays river Valley.

The Trading Department supply and sell Agricultural Chemicals, Fertilizer, Packhouse Material and General Farming Requisites to Citrus Growers and Private Packhouses in the Sundays river Valley.

A knowledge-able ,skilled, trained and motivated staff who are focus on excellent client-service by ensuring competitive prices on products, stock availability and technical advice .

The objective of the Trading Department.

The primary objective of the Trading Department is to assist the shareholders of the Company in maximizing the profits of their farming operations.

The secondary objectives of the Trading Department are:
•Economic efficiency.
•Good Image.
•Maximum client support.
•Growth and development.

In Conclusion:

The management of the Trading Department must on a continuing and long term basis stay focused on providing farming requisites and in so doing assist in keeping production costs of the farming units as low as possible. The Trading Department must strive to achieve its secondary goals to make this possible.

2: The Products/Services marketed

•The long-term objectives of the Trading Department are dependent on determining the needs and wants of the citrus-growers, private pack houses and other target markets and satisfying these more effectively than our competitors . •The Trading Department follows the relationship perspective on marketing - consumer retention, consumer loyalty and consumer service ( or service quality). •Regular (every alternative month) memos and circulars will be posted to our customers to motivate and to restrict their loyalty to SRCC. •At least two farm visits to build relationships and to market our products and services. •The Trading Department will serve the customer as a central focus and seek to provide value in terms of – quality of products – service quality and customer satisfaction – shopping convenience – after sales service and reliability. •Market research will be performed on a monthly basis.

•Market communication – monthly advertisements , sales promotions, personal sales, corporate communication and direct marketing. •Promote the advantages of customer loyalty ,bulk and collective buying.

Demographic Market.

•Loyal founder members of SRCC.
•Sons of members taking over from the running of the farms – not the same loyalty – wants to make their mark. •Private pack houses.
•Lucerne, Dairy and Vegetable farmers.

Geographic Market.

•The Sundays river Valley.
•Cooperatives in Humansdorp, Gamtoos Valley and the Katriver Valley.

Target Markets.

•Demographic Market and the Geographic Markets.

Marketing Functions.

The Trading Department will focus on all the six basic marketing functions. •Re-assortment – bulk breaking etc.
•Storage – inventory.
•Transportation – organizing transport, deliveries etc.
•Financing – credit facilities.
•Carrying of risk.
•Selling activities (displaying, merchandising and advertising).

Price Strategy.

The historical view from members are that the Trading Department must operate on a 2.5% mark-up on cost on Agricultural Chemicals and Fertilizer and Buy-outs. (Direct Order) •The Agricultural Market is price sensitive (chemicals and fertilizers) and is therefore elastic and Competition based.

•Pricing is linked to the objectives of the Trading Department.

Sales Strategy.

Organize the sales force in such a way that:
•Everyone does his fair share and given a reasonable...
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