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J.A. Dongelmans

MBA Management Project Report

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Date: September 9th 2009

Management project J.A. Dongelmans PTMBA 07


Key Words and Abstract
Student name:

J.A. Dongelmans

Student identification number:


Title: Developing business models for supplying flowers to supermarkets

Keywords and phrases in this document are:

Business models
Flower industry
Supply chain management

Flower Direct B.V. has changed its strategy from selling flowers to resellers to selling directly to supermarket organisations in Europe. To be successful in the supermarket channel the supplier must operate in an optimal way in order to become profitable and competitive.

The objective in answering the research question is: to understand more about supplying retailers directly and to find out what measures Flower Direct needs to take in order to become a successful supplier. The company has chosen to focus on the medium size supermarket chains, but not for a specific channel.

Based on academic literature, knowledge from interviewed field experts and marketing information, applicable models are found for: category management, procurement strategies, value alignment in the supply chain and business models. With these models and three channels, discount, middle and high-end have been analysed. In order to supply these channels successfully a specific business model and organisation is necessary. Currently Flower Direct does not have a specific business model for any of these channels. Its business model is miscellaneous. Its offerings are more high-end but its strategic competences fit more with the middle or discount channel. This will not enhance the performance necessary for being successful. Flower Direct can supply several channels but it must adapt to become a Hybrid organisation. A Hybrid organisation should be split into business units that each service a certain channel and could profit from sharing the same facilities such as production and logistics. In order to deal with the current dynamic environment in the flower industry a contingency approach for developing the current organisation is recommended. The models seen in this management project can be very practical to use in analysing customers and their supply chain.

Management project J.A. Dongelmans PTMBA 07


Drivers of parties within a supply chains have always puzzled me. The solution for becoming competitive within the chain will not be given by your direct customers or suppliers but could be found by assessing the whole chain.

In order to understand the chain this management project gave me the opportunity to study the dynamics and drivers within the chain and relate this to the situation of Flower Direct B.V. I have been working for F.D. for four years .We experienced a severe crisis more than a year ago when two of our largest retail market clients stopped doing business with us. In a drive to pick up business again Flower Direct is now selling directly to the retailer. This is working out well so far, but we need to find our focus in order to create value for the whole chain in the near future and to develop a sustainable business model.

The main aim of this project is to provide guidance for assessing customers needs and requirements for a specific business model and for it‟s‟...

References: In order to fill in the aspects of this model we can use Porters 5 Forces (Porter M. ,
1980) and the PESTLE assessment
Dupre & Gruen (2004) and are given with possible solutions in Table 1 below.
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