Personal Responsibility and How to Become a Master Student

Topics: Fear, Learning, Anxiety Pages: 4 (1315 words) Published: September 3, 2012
Personal Responsibility and How to Become a Master Student
Robin Loafman-Bass
August 21, 2012

Personal Responsibility and How to Become a Master Student
The phrase “personal responsibility” simply means taking care of ones’ own life in every aspect without succumbing to fears or to the distractions of the outside world. In order to become a master student and achieve the goals a person has set for himself or herself, he or she must first have an internally defined level of personal responsibility. To that already present system of personal responsibility one adds skill mastery and knowledge. Such acquisition escalates the level of personal competence. Automatically, increased self-confidence is the result. Such self-confidence, springing from the knowledge learned and skills acquired, ensures that one will be more competent as a professional in his or her workplace. The fact that increased knowledge and skill mastery leads to greater confidence and enhanced personal responsibility is not a new idea. This information has been understood and used in all discipline in academia and the larger world. Therefore, the following thesis statement is emphasized. “The purpose of this paper is to present practical teaching strategies that enhance the mastery of skills and promote self-esteem, self-efficacy, and positive self-image.” (Mainwaring & Krasnow, 2010) The authors of this article understand the importance of confidence that results from mastering a skill. They advocate that a person take a proactive stance by setting a plan in place, a plan that will help guide him or her in the right direction and will assist in reaching goals. To that end, becoming a master student starts with taking control of ones’ own life. Such control includes becoming fiscally responsible as well as demonstrating emotional maturity. There are two ways to do this, planning and organizing. Planning and organizing are skills that come naturally to some people,...

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Messineo, M. (2010, August). Letting go: Overcoming fear, ego, and other barriers to effective teaching and learning. Sociological Focus, v43(i3), p185-192.
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