Personal Project Report

Topics: Netherlands, Dutch people, Nonfiction Pages: 10 (4387 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Encouraging more Respect for the Dutch Culture
By: Koen Roosenboom
Grade: 10A ISS

Table of Contents
Introduction pg. 3
Description of the Process pg. 4
-Research and Planning pg. 4
-Writing the first half and rewriting the first half pg. 5
-Writing the second half pg. 7
Analysis pg. 8
- Useful resources and the AOI linked to it pg. 8
- Changes in the plan pg. 9
- Techniques used in the project and time management pg. 10 - Has my understanding of the AOI grown during the project pg. 11 - Understanding and quality of the product pg. 12
- The Difficulty of the project pg. 12
Conclusion pg. 13
- Have I met my Goal? Pg. 13
- Things that I would do differently if I could start over pg. 13 -Personal lesson I learned from doing this project pg. 14

For my personal project I have decided to write a book (appendix 1) about the Dutch culture and habits. I was inspired to do this project, because a lot of people think that everyone in Holland smoked marihuana at least once a day, walks on clogs all the time and has a garden full of tulips. When I first joined ISS I noticed that everyone assumed that I loved cheese and they still do. This inspired me to do write this book, because I want people to know more about Holland and gain more respect for the country. This is important to me, because I want everyone to not always stereotype the Netherlands. My Area of Interaction for this project will be Community and Service. I chose this Area of Interaction, because I am writing a book for the community to read. I want to inspire the community to see Holland through a different view. I want people to have more respect for the Dutch culture and its habits after reading my book. By doing this I not only help the school community, but also the Dutch community by encouraging more respect for their culture. Since I am doing this for free it is a service. I think that giving out a book for free is going to make the book more successful. More people would want to read it and so more people will be encouraged to have more respect for Holland. That is why my AOI is Community and Service. My goal of writing this book is that people will start to have more respect for the Dutch culture. I do not want everyone to just assume that I wear clogs at home, eat cheese everyday and especially that I smoke marihuana. I also want to get more non-fiction writing experience and skill by writing this book. This will help me for writing essays and other informative writing tasks. I will measure my goal by seeing if the attitude of people improves after reading my book. What I mean to say by this is that: if they lessened the stereotypical comments, than I believe that their respect has increased. I have designed an 11-point plan for my Personal Project.

Make a survey and ask the questions to people in Holland to get their opinion. Buy and read books about the Dutch culture, so I can use these in my project. Find websites on the Internet about clogs, Dutch cheese, drug consumption in the Netherlands etc. I will keep researching. Ask the questions of the survey to people in ISS.

Plan out my book. I will plan out what I want chapters to be about and in what order I will put them. Write an introduction for the book. Writing an introduction is important, because it introduces the reader to the book and shows what the reader can expect. I will start on writing the book and finish at least 1/3 of it before the progress fair, so I can present this on the progress fair. I will finish my book around January. This will not be the completed version. I will ask some people to read the rough draft. I will use the feedback I get to improve and finish the book. When finished I will make a table of contents and a cover page. Then I put everything together in a folder and hand it in on the due date.

Description of the process
Research and Planning
First, I had to plan out the whole entire process....

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