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Online communication and good manners

By: Johan Moraes
Online communication and good manners

By: Johan Moraes

Johan Moraes
Computer Technology-9
Shalini Ambrose
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Online Communication and Good Manners

The problem that we are faced with is the lack of good manners and communication online through social networks. People are acting rude, impolite, doing several things that are illegal, not being socially polite online, plagiarize, send people spam. People also do not consider other people’s respect, and several things that cause people to think that using social networks or any form of online communication to be harmful emotionally and mentally. And these effects on the lives of people have large effect on their lives. The problem would relate to my life, because I use several social networks and online forms of communications. And I would like to know that when I use one of the online sources of communication, that I would be safe from cyber bullying, from spam, that people respect my privacy, that people will reply promptly and politely, that strangers will not randomly start a conversation with me and etc. If any of these things were to happen to me, I can imagine how they could have a negative effect on my social life and my life online. And having negative effects of those important parts of a teenagers life such as their social life online can majorly impact their lives in the future. The A.O.I for this project is Community and Service and Human Ingenuity. The project relates topic relates to Community and Service because the problem of the lack of social netiquette affects the community and people around us negatively. We can help the community or provide a helpful service by creating a solution or a way of creating awareness of the solutions. That is what the project is about, to create solutions...
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