Personal Profile Disc System

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Application Paper #3
Personal Profile DISC System

Monday, March 25, 2013
Specific examples of some of the characteristics of my primary DISC As an “I” in the DISC profile system it has been amazing to relate and identify a couple characteristics that I have and how they help me accomplish the day to day tasks that I encounter. An “I” profile I am talkative, growing up in elementary to junior high and then moving onto high school I wasn’t the best at being task oriented. When we would have class time to complete assignments and work, I would prefer to talk to other individuals and socialize rather than buckle down and focus. It was something my teachers would speak to me about regularly and attempt to explain that if I didn’t focus on the task at hand I wouldn’t be able to be a successful person in life and the work force. What I have learned is that by keeping a goal focused mind and maintaining a “To Do” list I am able to have the time necessary to fulfill that natural tendency of talking and still be able to complete the tasks daily. In addition to being talkative, I am also persuasive. This is a characteristic that can be a positive attribute and also a negative quality depending on how I use it. Throughout life I have seen how my opinion can be dominant and control a conversation or influence others to follow choices I have made. My younger brother Taylor was a high school student back in California and saw the choices I made in high school and chose to follow. In preparation for my mission I was able to change my life and become worthy to enter the temple and serve a full time mission. Whilst being in England serving for two years I wrote him regularly sharing sacred experiences that have changed me. By communicating with him regularly he straightened his life around and now is serving in Detroit, Michigan. I have seen on numerous occasions the power that I can have in persuading others, especially in righteous ways....
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