Personal Narrative: Night Rides

Topics: Light, Prince / Pages: 4 (996 words) / Published: Mar 3rd, 2017
On September 2008 we had plans for the upcoming weekend, which was memorial weekend, we had planned this fourwheeler trip for months, five days and four nights of mudding and four wheeling in Leader Minnesota in a four wheeler park called Spider lake, it was hundreds of miles of open trails ready to be ridden, consisting of swamps, slues, mud holes, and the lodge and a swimming pool, and it consists of the lake, Spider lake which gives it the name Spider lake fourwheeler park, which is located in Leader Minnesota. The night ride, the night rides were fun and kind of sketchy at the same time, but only being able to see 40 feet at a time was kind of tricky since the lights could only project so far, which lead to people misinterpreting how deep the water was, but a couple buddies of ours had light bars and those threw lights like crazy, it was like turning on a light switch at night, the stars were so beautiful and sometimes we were got the gift of having northern lights, and those were a sight to see, it was a blast ripping through the mud in the dark but it can be very dangerous at the same time, we loved to do it though, after the muddy days had past the muddy nights riding had started, after we refueled our machines back up after the day ride we set out for the night ride, we decided to take a trail that we did not know too well which was a big mistake but we thought it would be worth it being it had the best mudding in the whole park, we rode on the muddiest trails we have ever seen, it was one of the best rides to date, we rode until about four in the morning, we were all about quarter tank in our machines and we …show more content…
And to this day we still talk about this trip, and we still talk about the countless other trips we have taken to Spider Lake and we still plan on going for the next years to

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