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Topics: Family, Thought, Organ donation Pages: 2 (1431 words) Published: October 26, 2014

Tragic Accident
It is amazing how many things we take for granted. We make plans for the day, and don't think twice about how those plans can be taken away in the blink of an eye. I never thought much about it myself, until I was faced with the shock, and undeniable truth of my cousin’s death. I don't think anyone really thinks about tragedy until they are actually faced with shocking news. I woke up on what I thought was going to be a wonderful Thursday off from work. I had the coffee brewing the windows open and all I heard was the sound of the birds singing and my two boys playing together in the bedroom. I had our day planned out I was going to do laundry, straighten the house back up, and then after we got dressed and around I was going to take the boys into town to play at the park and go grab some lunch. All that changed when I got the worst phone call that I would never want anyone to receive. It was about 11:00 a.m. on Thursday June 26,2014 I had laundry going in the washer and as my son was hollering for me and running towards me with my phone in his hand. It was my mom calling I thought she was just calling to just check on her grandbabies as it seems she calls to check on them what seems like twenty times a day. When I answered and she was very upset I ask her what was going on as the thoughts running through my mind was something has happened to my grandma or she had something going on with her that she needed to tell me. Finally, after asking her over and over what was wrong she said I needed to get to the hospital right away because my cousin Olivia had been in a horrible car accident and they didn’t think she was going to make it. After she told me that my heart sank I didn’t know what to say I felt so nauseous all I could do was just stand there in awe asking myself is this true or I dreaming. After getting myself together I called the babysitter and had her come over to watch the boys so I could race up to the hospital. As I got to the...
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