A Family Legend Passes

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Mother Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Blake Wilson Wilson 1/4 English 1101
Paper # 2 Narrative Essay
“A Family Legend Passes”
It still feels like yesterday, a place I haven’t quite left, here I was following behind an ambulance again. I remember being frustrated feeling overwhelmed over all of the repeating events, “I wanted it to be over already”, how I learned to regret that thought. We arrived to the hospital once again, I made my way to the parking garage and started circling hastily looking for a parking spot, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking of the comedy of myself circling through the garage just like this “Deja-vu” of a visit was coming to be.

Things seemed kind of melancholy the standard procedures were taking place, the nurses were taking vitals, blood samples, doctors asking how much pain she was in, what medications she was on, she was being admitted once again, Carmen; my grandmother, my mom’s mom. It was getting late, I had to work the next day and my very pregnant wife needed some rest also, so we headed home. The next day I went to work as normal as a maintenance worker I went about my usual tasks; replacing ceiling tiles, carpet repairs, patching and painting walls etc., I remember feeling uneasy all day, I called my mother around lunch time. I was told that they’re Wilson 2/4 Going to turn off her pace maker the battery was dying and they were going to need to put a temporary one in her leg until the tech was able to get in, in a few days. I hung up the phone with my mother and went back to work, I got a call around three telling me that she didn’t get through the surgery so well and that even with the temporary pacemaker installed she wasn’t stabilizing, suddenly I found myself on the interstate doing 95mph with short emotionally unstable bursts of 115mph passing everyone I made it to the...
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