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Topics: Family, Mother, English-language films Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: November 10, 2008
It is 12 04 2002 Today. 2 days now my brother was born. I had to come to school today. I cant wait to go back to the hospital to see my mother and my little brother. 1:25 Pm… The time passes so slowly. Biology. Usually I like this class but now I just can not concentrate on it. in front of me there is a big clock on the wall, and every minute I sit here it seems to go slower and slower. Suddenly a little vibration breaks the boring heebie jeebies. Sender: Dad. „Meet in the hospital at 3 o’clock.Urgent! Don’t be late!“ Urgent? How do you mean urgent dad? Urgent like I can not wait to be together with my family? No I don’t think so. Then, urgent like there is something wrong and I don’t want to explain it in SMS. My hands are shaking like it did at my first presentation about Nuclear Weapons in front of the whole class. I am so scared.What could happened? I have no idea. In the morning everything was okay with my mom. Abruptly I can hear the ring. 2:45. I jumped into my car and I could find myself in front of the entrance of the hospital after 8 minutes. I got in the lift. „Second floor please“ I said. That typical hospital smell slap my nose and now I feel myself more flustered. It’s a far cry from every other smell. It brings memories back like vaccination, tonsillectomy, open fault. 205, this is the room. I opened the door and I could see twenty people in that little white room. Nobody knows whats happening. I looked around and saw my relatives and the closest friends of our family. My mom was lying on the bed in a purple robe. She was just asking everybody whats going on we can not even fit in the room. After 6-8 minutes waiting my dad entered the room. But that 6-8 minutes waiting was like a week of sundays. As my dad entered the room I felt myself in safe.

He was holding my brother in his arms.My brother was in a blue pijama and he was wearing a cute tiny cotton shoes and a little cap.Surprisingly he didn’t start screaming and crying at the sight of a lot...
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