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Topics: Association football, Chloë Sevigny, Play Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: September 26, 2012
I woke to the aroma of fresh cut grass and crisp morning air. Anxious for my first game, I rushed to put my wondrous forest green jersey on; the uniform encompassed my small and delicate body, making me feel as if I was drowning in a sea of silk. I was entirely thrilled, therefore the rest of the morning remained a blur until it came time to watching the plethora of mini vans; driven by loving soccer moms, pile into the parking lot. I snatched my water bottle and oversized soccer ball from the back and dashed workout over to my coach and teammates. There was no need of an intense before the game; the coach just had us jog a warm up lap. There was no starting line up, every kid got to play; and the coach didn’t pick favorites or key players to run around the entire game. This was common back when sports weren’t politics. It was game time

I stepped onto the field ready to play real soccer. The referee blew the high-pitched whistle and the other kids ran towards the ball. On one end of the field one could see a mosh-pit around the ball; there were tall kids, and short kids, and round kids, and skinny kids, then there was me. On the other side of the field, I had discovered a rubber band lying in the grass. Who knew a rubber band could supply endless entertainment? While all of the other kids were doing what the typical youngster-playing-their-first-game-of-soccer would do, I was the odd one out not paying attention; I flicked the stretchy band around and then proceeded to chase it off to where it had landed. A colorful butterfly quickly replaced my fascination of the rubber band. This butterfly was no ordinary butterfly with its lively sense of motion; it had tempted me to chase it, as it darted back and forth across the field. Being the normal four year old I was, I decided to chase it. I was intrigued.

The butterfly began to fly farther away, eventually flying out of the game boundaries where I became even more intrigued. The ball had been kicked out of...
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